WATCH: Muslim Man Ties Wife to Hood of Speeding Taxi as Punishment for Arguing

Life is simple for Muslim men. Your wife mouths off, just tie her to the hood of your car!

So sick.

From The New Arab:

A woman was tied to the bonnet of her husband’s car as he speedily drove through the streets of Iran’s Isfahan, footage widely circulating online shows.

The wife was allegedly placed on what seems to be a taxi, as a form of punishment after an argument with her husband, according to an anonymous official, local Tasnim news reported.

The veiled woman, who was heard pleading while holding on to the antenna of the car, was filmed by a motorist driving alongside the speeding car, who then posted the footage online, where it was widely shared and sparked outrage.

The footage is only a few seconds long and ends just before the car comes to a halt, forcing the woman to fall onto the ground. Reports said she sustained serious injuries.

Police officers arrested the man and the woman was rushed to a nearby hospital.