Trump Has Rude Wake-Up Call For Mideast Oil Sheikhs

Well, there goes their luxury lifestyle.

Because, let’s be honest, what other than oil do these Mideast oil sheikhs have to fall back on? Their countries have produced almost nothing else of worth.

Via Western Journal:

The Energy Department plowed tens of millions of dollars into projects designed to explore new fracking technology as the U.S. leans heavily on natural gas amid harsh winter weather.

DOE’s decision will help the agency master oil and gas development in untapped, energy-rich areas, according to a press statement Wednesday from the agency.

Prices for natural gas skyrocketed to the highest level in a month — gas is not the only fossil fuel states are turning to for warmth this winter.

DOE’s move to pump money into the industry also comes President Donald Trump moved late last year to nix Obama-era regulations leveled against the fracking industry.