Syrians Say Israel Has Helped Them Far More Than Shameful United Nations

The United Nations is little more than a joke when it comes to actually fulfilling its mandate of securing peace around the globe.

In areas of true conflict and suffering, the UN does next to nothing.

Fortunately for the people of Syria (and we use that term very loosely considering what they’re going through), their next-door neighbor is Israel.

And Israel is willing to do something, DESPITE the fact that Syria’s still officially at war with the Jewish state.

When American TV host Conan O’Brien was in the region, he witnessed this first-hand, and even suggested that the Israeli doctors who have treated thousands of wounded Syrians be given a Nobel Peace Prize.

Now, one of the Israeli NGOs involved in this humanitarian work has received a letter from one Syrian man addressed to Conan.

In it, the Syrian explains that Israel’s goodwill goes far beyond what Conan was able to witness during his short visit.

The man, Maboud Dandashi, wrote:

“Thank you, Mr. O’Brien, for highlighting this! Israel’s wonderful aid to Syria has been ignored by the media. Thousands of Syrians are alive today thanks to the Israeli medial teams.

“More than that, the citizens of Israel have repeatedly sent much needed medical equipment to hospitals in Syria. They have done much more to help my country than the United Nations.

“May God bless the Israelis. If we Syrians had more neighbors like them, there’d be far fewer refugees in the world.”

Source: Newsdesk Israel