Syrian Rebels Find Something Odd Belonging to Israel, and Stop Fighting ISIS to Return It

This has got to be one of the stranger stories coming out of the ongoing Syrian civil war.

But, at least it’s not a story of tragedy. In fact, quite the opposite. It could signal hope for future good relations.

From The Times of Israel:

A Syrian rebel commander helped return to Israel an eagle released into a nature reserve in the Golan Heights four months ago and which accidentally made its way to the Syrian side.

The bird, dubbed S-98 by its handlers at the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, was returned to Israel this past week, Channel 2 reported, through the Israeli Flying Aid organization, a non-profit that works to deliver aid internationally to communities affected by conflict and natural disasters.

The unnamed Syrian militia head had contacted the organization, claiming to have saved the eagle which had got caught up in fighting territory held by the Islamic State in the war-torn country.

The commander said he spotted the eagle during battles with the Islamic State when his unit was setting up ambushes.

This bizarrely concerned rebel commander feared the worst should the bird have fallen into ISIS hands.

He said his people spotted the bird’s name and the broken GPS device, and understood that it belonged to the Israel Nature and Parks Authority and that it needed to be cared for until it could be returned.

He added that they were concerned others would discover the animal and seek to capture it, possibly for gain.