Russia Takes Brutal Revenge on Jihadists After Top General Killed in Syria

Just day after the most senior Russian general in Syria was killed by a jihadist mortar shell, Russian forces there have taken stunning and brutal revenge.

Ynetnews reports:

Russia’s Defence Ministry said on Wednesday that a Russian air strike in Syria had killed 12 Nusra Front field commanders and seriously injured the group’s leader.

The air strike came after Russia’s military intelligence uncovered the time and place of a meeting of the leaders of the Nusra Front, including its head Abu Mohammad al-Golani, on Oct. 3, defence ministry spokesman Igor Konashekov said in a statement.

“As a result of the strike, the Nusra Front leader, Abu Mohammad al-Golani, sustained numerous shrapnel wounds and, having lost an arm, is in a critical condition, according to information from several independent sources,” Konashenkov said.

Together with around 50 guards, 12 Nusra Front field commanders were killed, he added.

The Nusra Front began life as a local branch of Al Qaeda, but has since broken away and changed its name several times.

It is one of the larger Islamist groups involved in Syria’s civil war.