Palestinians: Pawns or Refugees? Depends On Who Displaced Them

Are displaced Palestinian Arabs poor, oppressed refugees, or pawns of cruel, self-serving Arab leaders? Apparently, that depends on who is involved in the conflict that displaced them.

When Hamas conquered the Gaza Strip in June 2007, some 6,000 local Arabs fled across the border into the Egyptian Sinai.

The New York Times casually identified those stranded Arabs as hapless pawns in a political struggle.

For seven weeks now, up to 6,000 Palestinians trying to return to their homes in the Gaza Strip have been stranded in Egypt, objects of a political struggle between the Palestinian factions of Hamas and Fatah involving Israel and Egypt.

So when the bad guys in Hamas displace fellow Arabs, then those victims are pawns because the struggle is between two Arab entities – Hamas and Fatah.

However, when the struggle is between Arabs and Jews, any Arabs displaced by that struggle are transformed by the international media into the most pitiable refugee community in history.