Muslim Refugees Laugh About How Easy It Is To Fool Westerners

Are you getting angry yet?

Via The Daily Wire:

If there’s one quote that sums up the immigrant crisis plaguing Europe, it’s this, from a Muslim refugee to a columnist: “The infidels are too easy to fool.”

Columnist Burak Bekdil wrote in a piece for the nonpartisan Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies think tank that in 2016 he hosted three Afghanistan refugees while on one of the Aegean Islands. His conversation with them was revealing: (emphasis bolded)

“Over coffee, they said they were glad to be hosted ‘not by an infidel on this infidel island’ but by a Muslim. The young Afghan who was dressed like a dancer from a cheap hip-hop clip on MTV said, ‘One day we good Muslims will conquer their infidel lands.’ I asked why he was receiving ‘infidel’ money for living. ‘It’s just halal,’ he answered. ‘Those infidels are too easy to fool.'”