Israelis Demand Deportation of Illegal Immigrants

It’s not only America and Europe that have illegal immigration problems.

Israel is a small state with limited resources, and it’s primary mission is to provide safe have to all Jews who wish to immigrate.

But Israel’s stunning economic success means many from poorer African nations also want in on the action, and have been streaming across Israel’s southern border.

It’s been a major legal and strategic headache for Israel, but the government might finally have found a way around restrictions on deportation.

Israel Hayom reports:

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has signed a series of diplomatic agreements that will allow the state to circumvent a recent High Court of Justice ruling and allow for the continued deportation of illegal infiltrators, Israel Hayom has learned.

Netanyahu took advantage of his recent trip to New York, where he delivered an address to the U.N. General Assembly, to meet African leaders. During their meetings, Netanyahu amended Israel’s agreements with the leaders so as to allow illegal infiltrators to be deported from the country, forcibly if necessary. This would allow the state to continue its deportation procedures and constitutes an important tier in the government’s efforts to find a solution to the issue of migrants residing in the country illegally.

Since 2014, Israeli has implemented a “carrot and stick” policy aimed at encouraging illegal infiltrators who did not apply for refugee status or whose applications were denied to agree to leave the country. Infiltrators who leave the country voluntarily receive a $3,500 grant, while those who refuse the grant are taken to the Holot detention facility in Israel’s south. In the years since the implementation of the policy, some 15,000 infiltrators have left the country.

A lot of haters have used this issue to smear Israel.

But it must be stressed that Israel does provide refugee status to African migrants who fled life-threatening situations, such as many from Sudan.

What Israel cannot and will not tolerate is illegal infiltration by those looking to leech off of its taxpayers.