Israeli soldiers have a surprise for Syrians sneaking over border, but it’s NOT what you think

Sneaking over a border is risky business. Sneaking over a border into an enemy country is a death wish. Especially when you’ve been raised to think the people in that country are blood-thirsty monsters.

Kind of tells you how desperate the people of Syria have become.

But to their great surprise (and the indifference of everyone else in the world) victims of the Syrian civil war who make their way into Israel are discovering they just might have been lied to.

Instead of being arrested, tortured or worse, they are actually receiving the medical attention they seek.

From Jews. From Israelis. I know, right?!

From the Israeli Army blog:

“In light of the atrocities taking place in Syria, and the events of the past few days which rocked the world, IDF soldiers continue to provide medical care to wounded Syrians, as we’ve done for more than four years,” says Lt. Col. Dr. Tomer Koller, the medical officer of the Bashan Division in the Golan Heights. “The treatment of wounded Syrians is continuous, and is carried out on a near-daily basis. It’s our duty as members of the Medical Corps to treat the injured – both the ally and the enemy. To us, they’re injured people who need help.”

“It started with one injured Syrian who came to the border four years ago, asking for medical help. Back then, there was no policy, just a commander’s on-the-spot decision not to oppose providing care to an injured person,” Lt. Col. Dr. Koller says. “From then on, about 2,800 injured Syrians have entered Israel to receive medical care, and the number continues to rise.”

In 2016 alone, 600 Syrians were treated in Israeli hospitals. Most of the wounded Syrians are evacuated to hospitals in northern Israel. There, dedicated medical professionals treat them until they return to Syria.

“The story of the treatment of all those who need it is a story of compassion and the IDF’s ethical code,” Lt. Col. Dr. Koller says. “Even though we take care not to get involved in the internal fighting in Syria, the treatment of any injured person who needs help – regardless of nationality or which side of the border they come from – stands above all, and this is who we are as a society.

Uh, wait a second. That’s not what the mainstream media’s been telling us about Israelis and their treatment of Arabs.

Maybe we’ve been lied to, as well…?