Israel Starts Deporting “Dreamers” Back to Africa

Trump, take note. This is how it’s done.

From the Washington Post:

Alam Godin fled to Israel as a boy, escaping war in Sudan more than a decade ago with his family.

Now, he’s among thousands of African men who could be given a choice by the Israeli government: Take $3,500 to relocate to an unnamed “third country” — widely reported to be Uganda or Rwanda — go back to their home country, or go to jail.

The Israelis are giving priority to its own citizens before migrants.

“As wise men have taught us: ‘Take care of the poor in your city before taking care of the poor in other cities,’” Interior Minister Aryeh Deri told the Post.

What’s important to note is that Israel is far from being alone in this.

No other country in the Middle East or Asia is taking in refugees. Heck, Arab countries won’t even take in ARAB refugees, let alone Africans.

There might be real, justifiable reasons for wanting to migrate, but it cannot fall on the shoulders of a few countries alone to solve the issue by taking in migrants they can’t possibly support.