ISIS Rounds Up 250 Christian Children and Then Does the Most Evil Thing I’ve Ever Heard

ISIS is inventing new ways to be evil.

To say this is medieval would be an understatement. As brutal as the Middle Ages might have been, this has got to be a different level of cruelty.

From the Daily mail:

A distraught mother has relived the horrors of the brutal rule of ISIS and revealed how the extremist group would ‘knead children to death in bakery machines’.

Alice Assaf said her son was killed ‘because he was called George’ and refused to identify himself by a Muslim name. 

Ms Assaf claims ISIS slaughtered Christians in Syria, kneading children to death in bread machines and ‘baking men in ovens’. 

She said the terror group targeted her home town in Syria some two years ago, unleashing a horrifying reign of terror as they took hold of the suburb’s population, murdering both adults and children.