ISIS Orders Muslims to Slaughter Christian Tourists

Might want to rethink that vacation to Egypt.

The Sun reports:

ISIS killers have urged fighters to turn holiday hot-spots in Egypt into bloodbaths by murdering “Christian” tourists.

Fanatics also called on jihadists to kidnap foreign travellers to embarrass the government and damage the valuable tourist economy.

UK tour operators stopped flying to the popular resort of Sharm el Sheikh after the downing of a Russian holiday jet in 2015 – killing all 224 people on board.

But now the terror group – which controls areas of the Sinai region to the north of the Red Sea resort – is demanding attacks to destabilise the Egyptian government ahead of elections in late March.

An editorial in the ISIS weekly Al-Naba, which was released online, explicitly threatens attacks.

It tells ISIS operatives to intensify their attacks against “belligerent” Christians and tourists in the country.