ISIS holds 3-year-old boy hostage, and the reason is beyond insane

ISIS jihadists have done a lot of despicable things for a lot of despicable reasons.

But their justification for holding this three-year-old boy hostage defies reason, at least for those of us who live in normal, civilized societies.

From The Daily Mail:

A boy aged just three was kidnapped by ISIS who held him captive for two years because his father had named him Messi after his footballer hero, it has emerged.

The Kurdish Yazidi child, now five, was seized by the terror group along with his mother and sister from their home in Sinjar, northern Iraq in 2014.

While in captivity, ISIS extremists targeted the family with ransom demands – even though they had no money. 

Messi has since been rescued and is living at a refugee camp in Dohuk, Iraqi Kurdistan. 

His father told Kurdistan 24 that enraged fanatics had ordered his wife to change Messi’s ‘infidel’ name to Hassan.

The trauma of years in captivity has taken its toll on the youngster, who reportedly barely speaks and now brandishes a toy gun where once he preferred playing football.