Iran Sent a New Message to Trump, and He’s Won’t Want to Hear This

Much of the world is still feeling out President Trump, but some of the bigger players in the Middle East are starting to feel that he’ll ultimately be no different than the American leaders before him.

Which is to say, he’ll do little or nothing to stop major acts of aggression.

The reason they feel that way? Trump’s bellicose talk regarding the North Korea nuclear threat that so far has been backed up by very little action.

Like North Korea, Trump’s American will eventually have “no choice but to accept” a nuclear Iran, according to a top Iranian official.

“The US has no choice but to understand, accept and get along with Iran,” Hossein Salami, deputy commander of the Revolutionary Guards, told the state television network. “We are ready to sit down and talk,” he added.

If Trump is going to leave a lasting impression on America’s enemies, he needs to act sooner rather than later.

It was Obama’s big talk and no action that eventually turned him into little more than a joke in the Middle East.

Source: Kikar Hashabat