COME AT ME BRO! ISIS challenges Trump to a fight… but probably doesn’t mean it

ISIS is being backed into a corner after its loses in Mosul. And that makes it more dangerous than ever.

It also makes the group sound more ludicrous and desperate than ever.

In yet another slick promo video (seriously, when this thing is over, there are some jihadis who have a future in Hollywood) ISIS has challenged US President Donald Trump and the American military to a fight.


Ok, maybe not mano-a-mano… ISIS still intends to use its weapons, and probably expects the US to do the same.

But they want to fight.

At least, that’s what they say. (By the way – the video couldn’t be shown here due to overly graphic content. Those jihadis hoping for a job in Western entertainment will need to learn about our ratings system.)

But a lot of experts, observers and ordinary people with common sense think the group is just looking for attention and making a last ditch effort to rally support.

After all, Trump just dropped a single bomb on Afghanistan that killed HUNDREDS of ISIS terrorists. In one go.

Yeeeah… they probably don’t actually want to fight.