Believe It or Not, Some Palestinians Long for Israeli ‘Occupation’

Don’t believe the hype eagerly disseminated by the mainstream media that the Palestinian Arabs are totally united in their desire to end the so-called “Israeli occupation.”

There are a good number of “Palestinians” who long to again live under Israeli rule, recognizing that it is only under Israel that they can live in freedom from oppression by their own leaders.

Sadly, the vast majority of these clear-thinking Arabs do not dare to open their mouths for fear of a brutal response by the more savage of their brethren.

A number of “Palestinian” residents of eastern Jerusalem have privately expressed to us and others that they absolutely do not want to live under the Palestinian Authority.

And now seems that many of the “Palestinians” of Gaza, who 10 years ago “won” their freedom from the “Israeli occupation” are now desperate for the Jews’ return.

According to a “Palestinian” journalist who spoke to Ha’aretz:

“Many people in the Strip hope that Israel will reoccupy it because” the violence and anarchy that has now gripped the area was “not prevalent during the Israeli occupation.”

Call it what you like, but it is an indisputable fact that Arabs living under Israeli rule have more freedom and enjoy greater financial prosperity than regular Arabs in just about any other part of the Middle East.