Before being burned alive by ISIS, Christian girl uttered TWO WORDS that’ll leave you in tears

Better get some tissues handy for this one.

And after you’ve had your cry, consider how these Christians are still being forced to live out their faith under violent circumstances that many of us believe to be a relic of the past.

Via Jews News:

Christian’s across the Middle East are still under siege from ISIS – a brutal Islamic group seeking to eradicate the Christian faith from the face of the Earth. A tragic story emerged recently about a Christian mother and her child from Mosul, Iraq, who was approached by Islamic Militants. They forced her to pay a tax or leave the city. As she went to retrieve the money, the men torched her house. Her daughter was in the shower at the time

Her daughter was in the shower at the time, and became trapped. she was burned, and eventually killed, reports CNA. The mother held her child as she slipped into eternity, but she will never forget her final two words:

“Forgive them.”