Arabs Force Jewish Youths to ‘Convert’ to Islam

Now, this got ZERO attention from the mainstream media.

But, can you imagine the fuss that would’ve been made had the roles been reversed – if Jews had forced Arab youths to convert to Judaism?!

Double standards, folks. Double standards.

From Breaking Israel News:

Israeli Police arrested two Palestinians from east Jerusalem on Tuesday suspected of beating two young Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) boys and forcing them to say the Shahada, a testimony of faith that is said when converting to Islam.

According to a Hebrew language tweet by the Israeli Police, the two Arabs were arrested on Tuesday morning on suspicion that they beat and cursed the victims before fleeing.

Reciting the Shahada in front of two Muslims constitutes conversion according to the laws of Islam.

Dr. Timothy Furnish, an international media commentator and author on radical Islam, said this was an unusually blatant case of violent force conversion but not outside what is permitted in Sharia law.