Arab Leader Makes a Deal With the Devil, and Israel’s in the Crosshairs

This can only end one way.

With Lebanon going to war against Israel, and being devastated as a result.

Via Breitbart:

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri will join a coalition government with Hezbollah, conceding defeat and handing the terrorist organization more political power than it ever had before.

Hariri, in an interview with the Italian newspaper La Repubblica while on a visit to Rome to meet with his Italian counterpart, Paolo Gentiloni, said that he and the Shi’ite jihadist group have “put aside” their differences to serve the country. “The prime minister only thinks of the good of Lebanon, of finding the formulas and making the agreements that allow us to handle the problems of the country,” he was quoted as saying.

Thousands of Lebanese Shia rely on Hezbollah – deeply embedded into politics and society – for social, medical and financial support. According to the Italian newspaper, Hariri said that as premier, he seeks to find a national formula that preserves Lebanese unity.

While Hezbollah might indeed provide such services, it only does so as a front and a tool of recruitment.

The group is a known proxy of Iran, established for the sole purpose of threatening and eventually destroying Israel.