20 Christians Murdered, 10 Churches Burned Down. Where’s the Media Coverage?

If the roles were reversed, if Christians had done this to Muslims, you can bet there’d be plenty of media coverage.

Via Jihad Watch:

The Rt. Rev. Stephen Dami Mamza, the Catholic bishop of the Yola Diocese, stated: “It is on record that less than one week ago, no fewer than 20 innocent Christian farmers were killed in separate attacks in and around Tambo. Luru village in particular saw its worst days when herdsmen wielding sophisticated firearms stormed the area, killing 15 people. Within the period under review, not less than 10 churches were burnt down, and in some instances, worshippers were killed.”

Armed Muslim Fulani herdsmen in northeast Nigeria on Tuesday (Feb. 27) killed a pastor and 19 other Christians in apparent retaliation for attacks by ethnic Bachama militia on Fulani families, sources said.

The Rev. Haruna Enoch was killed along with the others in herdsmen attacks on four predominantly Christian areas in the Numan and Demsa areas of Adamawa state, area residents said.